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I never received my money back.

I called February 1, 2021 on a refund of 700.00 dollars. AnywY Peter Tylark was assigned to my case. He asked me can I let h into my account. First he took over 4,000 dollars without my permission...

Missing funds

I have wired $10K into my exchange account more than 2 weeks ago. Money is still not in my account. Chat support says that funds are missing

Delivery staff lied about deliver attempts

The Deliver staff came to my block and rang the bell, I buzzed the guy in and saw him physically open the door from my window. I could not go downstairs as I was on a work call. The guy...

Inferior flower arrangement

I paid $103 dollars for a custom arrangement of pastel roses in a square vase with no fillers and the roses were to be just over the top of the vase.I was told they could do this, no problem...when they...

Flowers delivery

My husband ordered me flowers to be delivered at my parents house for me. $81 worth and whoever was at the house pretended to be me, i never recieved the flowers, and i dont think its fair that someone would...

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Wrong items sent to me (wrong package...

I bought 2020 spring new style athletic shoes size 42 on wish online instead I recieved wrong wornout item bracelets (wrong package). The delivery note locked bag number is 1541, special project unit pos Malaysia international hub. My surname, addresses...

Stop bullying red-haired people (and...

Why is the “woke” Ginny Georgia series bullying red-haired boys and individuals by portraying them negatively? It was NOT funny when South Park characters said “Gingers have no souls.” That led to years of people of all ages bullying...

Order stuck pending

My order is stuck pending, I am unable to edit or cancel the order. Was a trade from VTHO to USD. I have contacted binance and they just told me to cancel the order under the order history tab. I...

Order was not made correctly

I ordered double chicken and extra sauce and got no sauce and 5 chicken pieces I ordered double tomato and got none at all everything I asked for was incorrect and it took way to long before it was ready....

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Green Dot illegaly kept my...

I currently have the SAME. Issue with green dot. How did you resolve it

Refuse to refund money

I was trying to Say ... I am so glad to see others that have similar complaints as I do .... I feel for u all and am Here To Help as I Can , If Anything I can do IF IF.... IFFY WISHY IFFY IF

Refuse to refund money

I really do appreciate @Mbillock 's comments and YES, I so Agree with the WISHyWashy behind the scenes BS that goes on More Often than u think. I have Made Very Clear to Wish about their Missleading...

Non receipt of merchandise

yup same with me. they ask me to send the item that i still not recieved and faovourable to chinese froud company cutee

never got tracking number

i got same issu.. but paypal favor the chinese froud company

False Advertising

I am having same issues , and the notification me and tell me that the seller can't filk my order what other item would you like , they give you several , I chose read the reviews about the sizes how they...

Never answers phone

Why cvs put customers on hold for 30 to 45 minutes and then never answer. I am thinking about switching to Walgreens.

Account Hacked and funds removed

Cash app sent me THIS SAMEEEEE EXACT EMAIL TODAY !!! I am sooooo upset ! My account was scammed for $200 . Someway somebody accessed my account and sent $200 to a unknown cash app . No code was ever sent...

recieved wrong slip covers...

I received the wrong size Winter boots, for my wife. I would like to return the boots and a full refund. USPS tracking # eVS, 9205 5902 3284 3339 5788 21. The price for the boots, as per Amazon, $42.99,...

Requesting a refund for a...

Yes I would cuz it's not fair these companies making all this money and treating the customers like crap or sending them crap the day didn't even order

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